Phoenix Nat

My name is Natalie, Owner and Director of Phoenix Strength. It’s incredibly challenging to live a life which you’re not happy with and believe there is no alternative. It’s only with a string of failures does one begin to really reflect upon what is happening. Some will continue as they were looking for the next thing to make them temporarily happy in their career and/or loved ones, but some brave few take a deeper look and ask themselves what is really the problem? Even fewer (inspirational) souls then realise that its them.
I spent 7 years blaming society for the failures in my career and found fault in all the relationships around me. With no focus or direction I’d reached a fairly low point in life. I was unhappy, over weight and thought I had no choice although I look back now bemused by the abundance of choice I had before me and sometimes I wonder if there was too much choice and I, like most, became overwhelmed by this and let others make my choices for me.
It was only once I’d lost everything (as I believed) in life did I finally reflect and take stock of what I actually had. I had lost my job, I had lost (or maybe never had) loved ones, family members were sick and had barely a handful of friends. Nothing felt real anymore, there was no life.
I was given an opportunity just 18 months prior and introduced to CrossFit, which opened up a world of opportunities to me. At the top of the list was the chance to be healthy. New relationships were formed, a career I was immensely passionate about, I had it all. For so long I thrived believing I’d finally made it. What I was gaining in life now was so satisfying. I built a unique knowledge and experience from the intimate CrossFit community, meeting coaches, athletes and people from all walks of life, some you wouldn’t possibly meet just by chance. Finally I was learning, growing physically and mentally, I had it all. Until one day. And then I had nothing, again. Through my own limited beliefs and lack of appreciation, gratitude and real understand for what I was experience I let go of all that I believe made me happy, of course immediately blaming everyone else around me.
It’s only now do I see that everything leading up to that moment of huge failure was produced my biggest success.
Phoenix Strength was born out of necessity at a time when I had nothing except a list of failures (or lessons as I now refer to them). I had a passion for fitness, coaching and a love for helping others anyway I could. Having now worked my entire life trying to identify what career I was to adopt, it was at the moment I created Phoenix Strength as I realised there was no career I would simply mimic, I was to make my own.
Phoenix Strength has given me the outlet for my purpose, to help inspire and improve the lives of as many people around me as possible with a personal unique approach to fitness. I truly believe with the right support and coaching you can help anyone achieve what it is they so desire, regardless of any past events or their present situation.
My healthy went from being faced with a lifetime of taking medication to relieve loads of painful permanent (or so I was lead to believe) symptoms and being heavily overweight, to being an above average fit and healthy individual with a passion for real food.
All the relationships around me are real, although limited, these are the most precious and rewarding.
My career is my own. I direct my own life and now embrace every challenge I face.
The beauty of Phoenix Strength means I am able to now pass on my passion for life and help so many people around me, who then begin to pass this on. Phoenix Strength uses a blend of physical fitness programming within a small group class community environment of likeminded people, along with mental training and an abundance of support and personalised coaching to support each individual. We begin with helping people identify their need for change, then focus on a physical representation of this with goals like weight loss, increased physically fitness and body recomposition. Then, in their own time, people realise what their real goal is….
Why do I do this? Because I love myself and every aspect of my life and I would love for you to wholeheartedly believe and feel this too.


There is a lot of debate regarding how one should label themselves. Sometimes labels can be quite limiting as they tend cap both what one thinks they’re capable of and what someone else is able to imagine you can do. With training I taught myself to be more with the appropriate title as normally this is above the conceivable level I am currently at. I work very hard to continue to develop and aspire to the title I may choose label with myself at the time, and more often then not this is more then one role.

I am proud to call myself a Coach.

This extract from Tony Robbins – Awaken the Giant Within (a very good read I might add) sums up beautifully why I call myself a Coach. Please take the time to read through the extract and the individual pages of my work.

“One day, though, I finally got it. “I’m a coach,” I thought. What is a coach? To me, a coach is a person who is your friend, someone who really cares about you. A coach is committed to helping you be the best that you can be. A coach will challenge you, not let you of the hook. Coaches have knowledge and experience because they’ve been there before. They aren’t any better than the people they are coaching (this took away my need to have to be perfect for the people I was “teaching”). In fact, the people they coach may have natural abilities superior to their own. But because coaches have concentrated their power in a particular area for years, they can teach you one or two distinctions that can immediately transform your performance in a matter of moments.

Sometimes coaches can teach you new information, new strategies and skills; they show you how to get measurable results. Sometimes a coach doesn’t even teach you something new, but they remind you of what you need to do at just the right moment, and they push you to do it. I thought “What I truly am is a success coach. I help to coach people on how to achieve what they really want more quickly and more easily.” And everyone needs a coach, whether it’s a top-level executive, a graduate student, homemaker, a homeless person, or the president of the United States! As soon as I started using this metaphor, it immediately change the way I felt about myself. I felt less stressed, more relaxed; I felt closer to people. I didn’t have to be “perfect” or “better.” I began to have more fun, and my impact on people multiple manyfold.”

Nailed it.