Movements & Standards

The first table below are the key competencies which you will benchmark yourself against. The programme will be developing your capacity across a broad range of movements and skills. It’s important to review your progress at regular intervals throughout the year, these will feature in the programme as “Progress Days”, a chance for you to test your current capability to the max. Once you’ve met all the standards for a particular level e.g. Health, you will be able to progress to the next level, Fitness, and begin following the programming at this standard. From time to time the standards may change slightly.

The second table is a collection of movements and skills with instructional videos. There are no standards or benchmarks which you will need to attain, these are for your reference. Studying these will help improve your technique. And, remember, if there’s something not on the list, email us and we will add it on.


Competencies where female and male standards are different will be noted with the following colour coding.

Female / Male

Air Squat  15 Unbroken 100 Unbroken 150 Unbroken
Pistol  –  2 Each leg  5 Each leg
Pull up Assisted pull up

Must be able to pull 75% of BW

 5 10
Push up 5 with elevated hands 10 20
Headstand Hold 5 Second hold 1 Minute hold 1 Minute  hold
Handstand Hold  N/A 1 Minute

Wall supported

 30 Seconds
  Dip  Assisted dip

Must be able to push 75% of BW

 5 10

Ring dip is desirable

   Toes to Bar 3 Knees to elbows  10 15
    Box Jump 18 inch 24 inch 30 inch
 10  20 26
  Double Under 50 Single skips  50  100
Turkish Get Up 6kg 12kg KB 20kg KB
Kettlebell Swing  10 reps @ 12kg/16kg 20 reps @ 20kg/24kg  20 reps @ 24kg/32kg
Back Squat 30kg/50kg  70kg/100kg 90kg/125kg
Front Squat  25kg/45kg 60kg/90kg 80kg/115kg
Overhead Squat 30kg/50kg 50kg/70kg
  Thruster 15kg/20kg 40kg/60kg 55kg/70kg
Deadlift  30kg KB 80kg/100kg 110kg/150kg
Strict Press 20kg/30kg 30kg/40kg 40kg/50kg
Push Press  30kg/40kg 40kg/60kg  55kg/80kg
Push Jerk  – 50kg/70kg  65kg/90kg
Clean  – 40kg/60kg 60kg/85kg
  Clean & Jerk  –  40kg/60kg 60kg/85kg
  Snatch  – 30kg/40kg  50kg/70kg
   500m Row  2:15/2:00 1:55/1:45  1:45/1:35
1000m Row  4:45/4:25  4:15/3:50  3:55/3:30
2000m Row  10:00/9:30 8:30/9:00 8:00/7:30
  1 Mile run 9:30/8:30 7:00/6:00 6:30/5:45
  5km Run Complete without stopping 25:00/23:00 20:00/18:30
  10km Run  – 60:00/55:00  50:00/45:00

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