The End.

Do you start at the beginning, or the end?

Some; maybe not at all?

To start at the beginning, infers you’ve already indentified with both the middle and end; otherwise, at what beginning are you?

If you’re at the beginning, then you may have already limited the outcome, and journey, only to something you already know.

This identification to one specific ending quickly shifts today’s actions simply as means to that end; once the initial excitement and motivation of the future prospect have depleted, actions tend to disappear – we plateau – no end in sight.

One could argue that ‘beginning’ at the end is precisely where you would really want to be – every day.

The end of a habit, behaviour, routine, task, plan; to be at an end, rather then trying to ferociously begin something which may already be doomed to fail, sets a blank canvas, one from which you may finally be able to create – without limition.

Keep ending rather then beginning, observe what happens naturally.


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