I don’t know about you, but I get real bored these days of seeing endless before and after posts on *insert any social media platform*, they’re all full of them.

#motivationmonday, #throwbackthursday and #transformationtuesday …. STOP LIVING IN THE PAST GUYS.

If you look through Phoenix Strength publications you will be VERY hard pressed to find any physique before and after shots, BUT, that doesn’t meant they don’t happen.

Recently I’ve pressed my awesome clients to provide me with a current picture, the standard stripped down shot, although, some didn’t need the picture, their clothes are literally falling off of them :D…anyway, why? Why did I ask them to provide these pics but yet, you will never see them in the old classic “Before & After” collage? Well firstly, it’s none of your damn business what they looked like before 😀 no, seriously, it’s not. Just like it’s none of my clients business what you think of their before and after.

I do things a little differently, actually, I do a lot of things differently, because following the crowd doesn’t produce change and I am so confident with what I do, I don’t need to follow any current trends, which, in due course will fade away. The current trend is;

“Hey, check out this before and after, Helen did this with my 12 weeks bikini body programme (insert male equivalent “get buff” programme for Henry), you’ll get amazing results just like this person you’ve never met in your life did.”

Okay, I kid, but seriously, this is rife in the fitness industry. Thats the rant segment over, now let me explain why I have an issue with the above approach and why you’ll be hard done by to ever find this at Phoenix Strength.

  1. “Before and After”….before and after what? You ate cake and stopped eating cake? Before and after you read 50 Shades of Grey, before and after we successfully landed on Mars? Minus a date stamp, before and after give zero context and merely indicates that this is something that happened sometime ago, the end. But what about after the after? What about now!?
  2. The connetations of before and after give you a beginning and an end, a start and a stop. Did you just stop after the after?!
  3. Photoshop; in today’s world, you don’t need to be a tech geek to use Photoshop anymore, theres a million apps out there that mean your #instafitchick is producing better edited photos then some professionals decades ago…there are some hilarious dodgy ones out there though 😀
  4. I couldn’t give a crap about before. Really, you could have been the biggest couch potato or an ex pro athlete, I don’t care, and neither should you. All we should care about is now. What are you doing right now?

Our personal lives are constantly changing, and that means our “now” is constantly shifting. Now, might be a 6 pack and 15% body fat, but maybe now in 6 months time is a little different, maybe it’s a softer physique because you’ve gone through a strength phase, or a shit ton of change in your personal life which meant the 5-6 times a week at the gym maybe didn’t happen.

Whatever is going on in your world, try this, take the picture, the selfie, whatever it is, and ask yourself, “Am I happy?” and, “Am I healthy?”, if the answer to either of these questions no, then your “Now” needs to change. Don’t search and look at your before and afters, or think back to where you were last year, or even last month, that’s done. Perhaps try a “Then and Now” to benchmark your efforts to date, and the next time, take another then and now, see what your current efforts have produced.

I have made nearly all of my clients take a current picture, and the exercise was a huge success in showing that individual what was going on right now. The mind can play havoc with your body, sometimes it’s best to see something rather then feel it but a healthier mindset to approaching such an activity should be to reframe it, its not “Before and After”, its “Then and Now”, and maybe keep it for yourself  😉


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