I’ve read countless blogs, status updates, articles of how TERRIBLE 2016 was. If you was one of those people, I would love to hear your thoughts on 2016 after you’ve read this article.*

*Note; this, like everything I write is me processing and working through my own personal reflections, so I’m as guilty of this as the next person! 😀

I’m about to lay out a few reasons why 2016 is the greatest year in our recent history.

  1. R.I.P – REST IN PEACE 2016

Lots of people died this year – yes, just like every other year 😉 No really, a lot of people die every year, but a few things happened this year to the perception of death, especially in the media. Firstly, I don’t know if you noticed, but as soon as it became a thing(!?) for a ‘celebrity’ to die in 2016, you knew about it, instantly. It was something for people to write about, the shock/sad factor. Everyday you could look at social media/the news, lo and behold, someone had died. NO SHIT SHERLOCK, 7.4 billion people, approximately 150,000 people die EVERYDAY. So it’s no surprise you’d be able to report some past or present public figure had passed away.

I think what’s more upsetting was the race to report the next victim of 2016, for you to then look and say “Oh yeh, I’m really sad that person who did… *insert random movie title/song/book/contribution to the world that you maybe heard about, knew distantly, or maybe listened to but didn’t even like anyway* .”

I’ve no doubt that nearly everyone lost a hero or someone who positively impacted their life, and I do not make a mockery of any individuals death, but with a boom in popular culture in the late 50’s and 60’s, it’s no surprise that many of these individuals, who were mostly 60+, are now passing away.

One positive I think we can all take from the media’s perception and reporting of death in 2016, no one is immortal, it makes you think right?


A few days after Trump was elected I heard an American family discussing on the tube what they were going to call their new dog they was getting in a few weeks. The son, about 8 maybe 10 years old at most said “MOM! We can call it Trump” the whole family erupted in laughter and his mum replied jovially with “No way, that name is blasphemy in our house.”

Maybe I should have offered the name Brexit  😉

There is a man currently waiting in the wings to take the Presidential Oath, who, 24 months ago was hosting a reality fucking TV show. The UK left the EU, and pretty much every BS politician who triggered the entire process seems to have disappeared.

There has been a lot of disturbance in the political world, and a lot of it, I think we can all mutually agree whether you voted in or out, Trump or Clinton, it’s been joke.

But, and its a big but, what’s been most interesting is peoples reactions to these changes…


Now, I do not know enough about the current brewing crisis to even begin to comment, mostly because I actually choose not to read and see the news now, it’s far to negative and depressing, bad for the healthy mind, but through reading and studying various materials on business and entrepreneurship on the previous crash, and hearing thought leaders on the current state of business in the world, we are due a crisis. A very quick Google will bring up MANY results on what’s going on in Europe, and well, statistics alone say we’re due a crash, change is on the horizon…

Change, whether you like it or not has been forced upon you this year, through death, political ridiculousness, current and looming world events, and, as I continue to hear among personal friends, clients etc, most have felt and experienced a lot of personal change this year – it’s not a coincidence.

Not many people like change or handle it very well – it’s taken me a long time, and I still haven’t nailed it. But, I’m certainly a rapid mover now I won’t sit on things for very long, if it ain’t right CHANGE IT, immediatly, don’t waste anymore time on it or be scared of the consequence of change. Embrace whatever event and opportunity presents itself next.

When change is forced upon someone they will take one of 2 stances, fight or flight. For those who say 2016 was a terrible year because there was so much disturbance and upheaval, stop fighting. 2016 was a beautiful year where you was forced to accept that an eccentric billionaire is now in charge of the most powerful country in the world, we all became mortal, and most importantly, we all learnt that, (myself so deeply in the last 48 hours) anything is possible, whether you want something or not, change will be forced upon you, so go fly with it.


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