“I thought you were someone. As in someone famous…”

Apparently I am!? Well, I was for 5 minutes on Saturday at Sweaty Betty Live over at The Yard, Shoreditch.

I was attempting to explain to a good friend of mine, the day I had just had. Where, for a few hours, I was ‘someone’, although they already believed I was, haha!

The whole experience was pretty entertaining, such good fun, but all slightly surreal. The event, Sweaty Betty Live was their first ever attempt on this platform, it was an intimate occasion but certainly packed with class and a level of maturity I’ve not seen before. That aside, it was Phoenix Strengths first ‘staff’ outing, a truly exciting affair!!

Recently, the beautiful Amy and Dom have been helping out Phoenix Strength by sharing their expertise to raise awareness of Phoenix Strength and product #PHIIT. As you may know, I’ve huge vision for them both, I can clearly see where they will go, these ladies feel and live the same passion and kindly agree to lend their services.

Awareness is like my favourite word, and that’s exactly what we decided to do with #PHIIT in the short term future, hit the streets, show the world who Phoenix Strength is and what #PHIIT is all about, which is how we found ourselves at this event in the first place, a research mission/brand and marketing exercise. Well, boy did it work! Better then I could have imagined.

Apart from the fact we looked on point in our uniform, we spent the entire day speaking to people with a room full of eyes on us, people curiously whispering, “Who are they?”, because clearly we were someone. We are, we’re #PHIIT.

I’m still struggling to put into words the entire experience. For years now, I’ve been plugging away at Phoenix Strength, working hard to bring like minded individuals together, help as many people along the way change their lives for the better if they so choose, and for the first time ever, in 3 years, I didn’t feel like an amateur. I (Phoenix Strength) didn’t feel like just another person in the room, I was someone.

It was a huge sense of achievement. Similar to what I experienced the the Great Newham 10km, seeing all the ladies in their training vests, only this time, it was Joe Public, sorry, I should say, Jane Public, who wanted to know who and what Phoenix Strength was all about.

A milestone was reached on Saturday. Phoenix Strength & #PHIIT is no longer in nappies crawling around, it finally learnt to walk on its own 2 feet, and it’s time I finally start thinking that I’m more than JUST another coach, JUST another blogger or JUST another entrepreneur with crazy dreams of leaving a powerful beautiful legacy.

I am someone.


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