Lets be honest everyone, the Fitness Industry is a mess.

I can say this because I’ve had the luxury of experiencing the polar opposite ends of this industry, from being the 100% undertrained novice, all the way to Coach, gaining the appropriate qualifications (which, this part of the industry is also a real sham, but thats a rant for another day) and setting up a Personal Training and Group Training business, and also having the privilege of working with top level athletes and coaches.

I feel for the millions of people who everyday focus their attention and efforts on the next fad diet, training plan or fitness app and never see a damn result. It’s an insanely confusing world out there, and I can say this because I’ve been there, bought the T-shirt, the fitness gadget or diet guide that promises to help change my life.

I do not give anyone a bad rap for trying, even if it’s the quick fix, easy solution or cheats way to health and fitness. I understand, and I truly dislike that the industry that feeds off of this. Everyday you see in the papers, magazines, social media, everyone feeding your addiction and promising to sell you the secret of success. – I get it, I really do. And I don’t blame you. As humans we were built to be ‘lazy’, well, conserve energy we should say, a trait left from our ancestors where by one would reserve energy stores between hunts. When we do finally decide to move, our body and mind is wired to move in the most economical way possible, basically, do as little as possible! – Winning combo! -_-

So the psychology, once you do finally get past the hurdle of actually doing something, is, to do as little as possible to achieve the biggest results, aka, fade diet, crazy 2 week intense plan, quick fix programmes to change your life.

To top this off, we live in a world of convenience. Someone caught on to the fact that people were ‘lazy” (reserving energy stores) and don’t work for something unless it’s a matter of life or death. Instead of making you work for something, you can have it all, immediately! Food delivered to your door within minutes, tons of buses, taxis, tubes, and more power in your hands connecting you to the biggest network on the Earth, the internet. All the energy your ‘saving’ for that next hunting trip to catch your pray so the family eats, goes as far is rapid thumb taps to order the food.

You can see how there may be a slight energy imbalance going on here. Which is why, unless we’re going to succumb to an early death in this modern world, we have to find alternative methods to spend the energy and create a new balance.

Your body and mind wants to be lazy and conserve energy for when its absolutely necessary, but as you see, there is no hunt anymore. So, you must to train your brain to make a new hunt. Simples.

So whats the new hunt? 

The new hunt is health and fitness, aka, your wellbeing. In this commercialised, convenience driven, social media world we live in today, this does not come easy to anyone. You have to work for it, so its time you started training your mind to achieving a good state of health and fitness.

The quick fix, 12 week plan, and short term focus on your health and fitness will not work. When you realise that health and fitness is a necessity rather then just a “good thing to have” (and yes, I hear this nearly everyday), you will achieve all the results you have dreamed of. But it takes time, and training, and I don’t just mean training in the gym.

I mean training your mind and body to understand that everyday you are on the hunt to managing your wellbeing in this crazy world we live in.

Don’t let the industry sell you a lie. Invest your time, effort, energy and money in the right way and you will reap the rewards.


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